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Technology and Innovation Fund LP

Technology and Innovation Fund LP

ED Group invests in private technology companies via its wholly owned Technology and Innovation Fund (the Fund). The focus of the Fund is to invest in technology businesses that have established customer bases and are seeking capital with which to grow.

The Fund’s management team has operational experience in founding and operating international technology companies, and in growing them to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.  That experience includes growing businesses from a UK base to be international, in some instances by acquiring other companies, and managing the sale process.

The Fund does not have a fixed life, hence often views investments with a longer term time horizon than many investors. This allows it to support the founders and entrepreneurs to achieve their objectives. Some companies that the Fund has invested in are set out below.


Sales-i supply technology to help companies selling large volume, lower value items help their customers to understand sales trends and improve margin. The Fund has helped the company grow over 7 years, expanding so that 65% of the revenue now comes from North America.


iVendi develops technology that makes it easier for consumers to finance their purchase of second hand cars. Their technology is embedded in dealer showroom systems, lenders, and portals. It enables the selection of the most appropriate financing for an individual based on their credit history, and searching for vehicles based on affordability.


Telrock provides mobile first customer engagement for organisations wanting to interact with their customers. Particular focus on financial institutions, allowing fraud alerting, one time passwords and collection activity.


CITC is developing a world leading collection and recovery service in the cloud using modern technology and techniques to enable retail financial institutions to quickly deploy on the platform. It is integrated with the Telrock service to enable end to end digital engagement in collection and recovery activity.

SBK Healthcare

SBK Healthcare is changing the Doctor-Patient dynamic in US Healthcare by allowing the Doctor to concentrate on the Patient in their encounters without having to worry about encoding the details in that Patient’s electronic medical record.  SBK takes care of the encoding securely and remotely allowing the Doctors to double their productivity while improving the patient experience.